The Ecuadorian Shrimp

Ecuadorian shrimp

The Ecuadorian shrimp is one of the main products exported from Ecuador after oil and currently it is a very important industry for the country.

Eventhough Ecuador is a country with a comparative small area ; the country is one of the biggest producer worldwide.

The shrimp industry in Ecuador employs around 190 000 workers on the whole coastal area of the country.

The main shrimp cultured specie in Ecuador is the Penaeus Vannamei.

The main shrimp production type done in Ecuador is the semi intensive , which means a medium stocking densities with between 15000 to 120000 / ha

Currently the general impression on customers is that the Ecuadorian Shrimp is of good quality and even considered as the best quality shrimp in the world. This may be possible due that the industry is very mature and the practices of farming in Ecuador are in general standard, also the type of farming and weather favors the culture of this type of product.

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